Red City Radio – Dangers of Standing Still

Paper + Plastick – Release Date: 2/22/11

Red City Radio is a relatively new band that’s based out of Oklahoma City. This is their debut full-length and it contains a total of 13 tracks, all of which are very much in the vein of Hot Water Music meets Off With Their Heads. There’s also a definite ‘90s, West Coast punk influence, but what really separates Red City Radio from a lot of its contemporaries is their proficient musicianship. Led by rock-solid, powerhouse drumming and a plethora of intricate and creative guitar riffs, these guys absolutely have the potential to be hugely popular in the coming years. Track two, “The Benefits of Motion”, opens with gravelly, earnestly-delivered vocals that declare, “We’ll take what we can get, we’re not taking it for granted”. It really sets the tone for the rest of the album and can’t help but make the listener want to sing-along each and every time. “You’re Poison, I’m Well” features an undeniably catchy chorus that’s instantly memorable, while “This Day’s Seen Better Bars” has some of the disc’s most sincere and inspiring lyrics. It’s a song about touring and missing home, which isn’t exactly a new topic for songwriters, but what makes it special is the vast amount of conviction and passion that it’s sung with. “Spinning in Circles is a Gateway Drug” and “Too Much Whiskey, Not Enough Blankets” are two additional beer-soaked, emotionally-driven anthems that are sure to become fan favorites. As long as they continue to evolve and find more of their own sound, Red City Radio will definitely have what it takes to be the next big thing.