PUP – The Dream Is Over


Side One Dummy – Release Date: 5/27/16

On their second full-length, Toronto’s PUP avoids the sophomore slump and instead delivers a record that clearly surpasses expectations. The album’s title is derived from a doctor’s visit in which singer/guitarist Stefan Babcock was told “the dream is over” in regards to his damaged vocal chords, but clearly the band was able to soldier on after two years of constant touring and create their defining work. On the record’s second track, “DVP,” PUP highlights what they do so well, and that’s alternate between reckless energy and precision arrangements, while simultaneously merging various genres. The song uses elements of punk and pop, along with an excess of gang vocals, to examine a failing relationship and comically dismiss its inevitable fate. “Sleep in the Heat” is a built around a shimmering, fuzzed-out guitar lead that helps to offset the heavy lyrical content. It’s undeniably catchy and definitely one of the album’s most prominent entries. “Can’t Win” features self-deprecating humor, subtle indie rock tendencies and an anthemic, shout-along chorus that’s sure to be a crowd favorite at shows. Additional highlights include a haunting, post-hardcore number called “The Coast” and a ballad titled “Pine Point,” which concludes the record on a hopeful note. The Dream Is Over finds PUP embracing pop influences and advancing their sound with great success. While a lot of the songs deal with disenchantment, there’s also an underlying sense of camaraderie and resolve, and that’s sure to appeal to PUP’s ever-expanding fanbase. Don’t hesitate to check out this album, as it’s likely one of the year’s best.