The Menzingers – After the Party

The Menzingers After The Party

Epitaph – Release Date: 2/03/17

Earlier this month, The Menzingers released their fifth album, marking their most mature and detailed collection of songs yet. As the record’s title implies, most of its songs talk about growing older, with some looking in the review and others focused on moving forward. Either way, this album’s lyrics clearly represent the band’s strongest to date. Similarly, the songwriting has also noticeably elevated, which makes sense given that it’s been three years since the release of their last full-length. “Thick as Thieves” is the first notable entry, with its crafty lyrics, (“I held up a liquor store/Demanding top-shelf metaphors”) and massive-sounding guitars, courtesy of producer Will Yip. “Lookers” is up next and it’s one of the catchiest songs they’ve ever written, complete with melodic guitar leads, Kerouac references and a healthy dose of nostalgia. “Midwestern States” addresses topical issues and describes a young couple trying to make it, (“We both got worthless diplomas from worthless universities/Two bachelors in worthless studies, but at least it made our parents happy”). “Your Wild Years” reminisces about a past love and enjoys arguably the record’s most memorable hook, while the title track appropriately includes all of the band’s best attributes, (descriptive lyrics, raw emotion and a fist-pumping, shout-along chorus). With After the Party, The Menzingers have managed to mature stylishly and not lose sight of what made them so appealing to begin with. It’s their most complete record so far and one that simply demonstrates a band in top form.