Nothington – In the End


Red Scare Industries – Release Date: 2/17/17

Despite over five years elapsing since the release of the last album from Nothington, it sounds as though they never missed a beat on their latest full-length, In the End. Oftentimes when a band takes a similar hiatus, their new material sounds forced or like they’re trying to recapture a previous style. Conversely, this record breaks new ground and finds Nothington sounding focused, revitalized and demonstrating a new level of detailed songwriting. A great example of this is “The Lies I Need,” with lyrics that emphasize a strong sense of resolve and a chorus that utilizes both vocalists to create multiple layers of melody. The song also displays restraint in that there are quieter parts, but also times when the band really turns it up and pushes the tempo to accentuate their point. “Burn After Reading” is one of the catchiest entries on the album, complete with introspective lyrics and numerous melodic guitar leads, while “The Hard Way” includes a stirring rhythm and a giant chorus that features each singer exchanging lines. The title track brings the record to a close with personal and reflective lyrics, which underscore a trace of optimism that’s present throughout the album. On In the End, Nothington has crafted a collection of earnest, sing-along anthems that balance melody and aggression. The record is consistent, distinctive and one that makes a familiar and often predictable genre sound revived.