Garrett Dale – Two Ts


Red Scare Industries – Release Date: 5/26/17

Last week, Red City Radio singer/guitarist Garrett Dale released his debut solo EP, called Two Ts. Comprised of three original recordings, this record features fully-realized arrangements, as opposed to the typical punk frontman just hammering away on an acoustic guitar. These songs not only display Dale’s songwriting expertise, but also demonstrate softer vocals and something distinctly different than the gruff, sing-along punk that Red City Radio is known for. The EP opens with “2016 Was…,” which laments the loss of loved ones and the results of last year’s Presidential election. The song uses a strong folk influence, subtle guitar leads and even a trombone solo to convey its message. There’s also a sense of dry humor throughout, which really helps to lighten the otherwise serious lyrical content. “House Full of Dogs” is next and talks about the various struggles that many encounter in life, especially in regards to growing older, but how those troubles are ultimately outweighed by simple pleasures and good times with friends. The song incorporates piano and saxophone to help create a unique entry that still fits well with the other tracks. The EP concludes with “Down the Rabbit Hole,” a tune about missing home that’s extremely relatable and engaging from start to finish, despite being over five minutes long. Two Ts is recommended for fans of sincere folk/punk, as well as those wanting to hear Dale explore different musical influences. Also, the fact that he’s stretching outside of his songwriting comfort zone will likely lead to exciting results on the forthcoming Red City Radio LP.