Rozwell Kid – Precious Art

Side One Dummy – Release Date: 6/23/17

On their fourth full-length, West Virginia’s Rozwell Kid has perfected their take on humor-infused power pop, complete with dueling guitar leads, an excess of pop sensibilities and crafty lyricism. While comparisons to Weezer are unavoidable, the band also shares commonalities with groups like Motion City Soundtrack and Fountains of Wayne, both of whom are known for creating an abundance of catchy and clever hooks. On Precious Art, they also add some rock ‘n’ roll swagger in the vein of The Darkness, as well as lyrics that address more substantial topics, like anxiety and a lack of confidence. The album opens with “Wendy’s Trash Can,” which employs fuzzed-out guitars and vocal harmonies reminiscent of the Beach Boys to fantasize about escaping a monotonous routine. “Boomerang” is the next notable entry and it alternates between loud and soft dynamics before segueing to one of the record’s most memorable choruses. “UHF on DVD” features impressive, skillful guitar work, as well as a seriously infectious and eccentric hook, (“And all I want is to be at home with you/Eatin’ tacos and watching UHF on DVD”). Towards the end of the album, a track called “Gameball” provides a sparse arrangement with an atmospheric vibe that speaks of alienation and individualism. With Precious Art, Rozwell Kid has made a record that’s equal parts quirky, nostalgic, high-energy and just plain fun. It offers top-notch musicianship and is easily one of the most enjoyable listens of the summer.