Dead Ending – “Ayn Rand Chicken Sandwich”

Dead Ending by Katie Hovland

On December 11th, Dead Ending will release its second EP, the aptly titled DE II. It was recorded at Million Yen Studios in Chicago, contains a total of five songs and will be available through Alternative Tentacles. The band’s lineup of course consists of singer Vic Bondi, (Articles of Faith) guitarist Jeff Dean, (The Bomb, Noise By Numbers, All Eyes West) bassist Joe Principe, (Rise Against) and drummer Derek Grant, (Alkaline Trio). We’re excited to present an exclusive stream of one of the EP’s songs, called “Ayn Rand Chicken Sandwich.” When asked about the song’s meaning, Bondi said “I was beside myself at the stupidity of the Chick-fil-A nonsense. As though the highest expression of your ‘moral values’ was to buy a chicken sandwich. But it’s always like that with that crowd, dumb on dumb, undergirded by crazed homophobic panic. So the song kind of wrote itself, in about five minutes.” Check out the song below and be sure to catch Dead Ending on the road in 2013.

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